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Koding & Kahawa is an online developers community that offers mentorship and peer support. We bring together developers at all levels who want to develop their programming skills as well as connect with industry professionals and their peers.

Koding and Kahawa

Koding and Kahawa Community Values

Community and camaraderie

Build meaningful relationships. We’re in it together and genuinely there to support one another in our successes (and failures).

Continual learning and growth

Challenge yourself to grow. Recognizing that learning means putting in the work, sometimes making mistakes, but always coming out stronger on the other side.

A holistic approach to success

Growing as a person goes hand-in-hand with progressing in your career. Beyond your technical skills, work on reflection, mindset, and your overall well-being.

Enjoy the process

While we work hard to accomplish our goals and have fun at the same time.

What’s next for you?

Koding and Kahawa puts you in the driver’s seat. While we’ll give you some structure to get better at what you do, we know that the best communities are the ones where you get a chance to create your own experience. This is a space you can use to help reach your goals. The more you put in—by engaging with others—the more you’ll get out of it too.

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Kevin Mugo

Mentor Data Science

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Build meaningful relationships through community events and conversations. In a fast-paced industry, exchange ideas and resources to keep a pulse on tech trends and new job opportunities.